Tennis Bench


This simple sturdy bench can be used in a variety of situations. Having access to a bench that can be used for easy storage, seating and comfort is very important when it comes to the game of tennis. Rests between sets are needed, and this means having benches that are sturdy enough and comfortable enough to be used for that purpose.

From getting a drink of water between games you can find that this tennis bench finish is just what you were looking for.

Available in 1.2m-1.8m sizes, we can accommodate varying sizes to help you have as much variety as you need. The perfect long-term choice for any tennis clubs that want to have all the right features and fittings for the long-term. Greatly improves the level of comfort that your guests or your players can have when they need to rest.

Also adds that professional feel to the tennis that is being played. We find that with a tennis bench ready to be used, people can feel more at home in the environment, knowing that it’s strictly for use with tennis.

Available Sizes

€365 1.2m
€390 1.5m
€425 1.8m