Partner Table

Wooden Partner Table-

Are you looking for an excellent design that make the ideal sitting spot for two people?

Then this Partner table might be just what you are looking for. Designed to use with Traditional Armchairs or Adirondack Chairs. It makes makes it easy for a happy couple to enjoy some precious time together. This Partner Table is just what you need when you want to have a more intimate location for people to sit.

This works as a great place to have as a more comfortable seating location for two people who can enjoy the company of one another along the way. If you want to have a nice seating arrangement that has the perfect spot for a table to go in between, then you should almost certainly look to make the most of this Partner Table layout.

Whatever you choose, you can find that a Partner Table is the perfect place to spend some time and enjoy yourself as a duo. Handmade by our team, we make sure that you can both enjoy some rays in the sun, a book reading session or just a few drinks in the tranquillity of two extremely comfortable seating arrangements.

Available Sizes

€375  Table only