Octagon Table


Sometimes, it’s important to have more space and a greater level of comfort around the table. This is why we sell our octagonal table, designed to offer a large and spacious table design that makes it easy for everyone to fit in and feel like they are part of the same group. This is a large table with a fantastic quality of design, making it easy to fit into anything from your own garden to being the centrepiece in a public sitting area.

It’s got a space in the middle for fitting your parasol in, making it easy to keep the beating sun off of your group as you relax and enjoy yourselves. If you want to have an entertaining place for everyone to sit down and enjoy being around each other, this superb octagonal table is a fine nod to being practical and being stylish.

As the ideal finishing point to any kind of design as well as a good focal point to bring a bit of central attention to the largest table, this octagon table is the perfect way to spice up and advance the quality of your sitting areas wherever they are needed.

€785 1.2m / 1.5m