Planters Versailles

Wooden Planter box 8-

Many people choose to go with our Versailles planters as they offer an easy and attractive way to spice up the overall look of a particular area. With the help of these planters, it becomes increasingly simple for people to enjoy a greater look in their garden with a simple yet effective planter box. These are designed in a manner that allows for easy and simplistic placing of flowers or trees to add artistic flair and creativity to the area that you wish to work on.

Together, this helps to create a finishing look that is hard to argue against. It’s stylish, it’s simple and it does the trick whether you are working on your personal garden or trying to spruce up the exterior sitting areas of any commercial venue.

Designed with the idea of long lasting detail in every planter, you can be sure that our designs are made to fit in with even the most specific and selective of designs along the way.


€185 460 x 460 x 560  


€235 600 x 600 x 660